Explore the journey to a perfect smile with clear aligners, from maintenance to cost factors. Let Grange Family Dental guide your transformation

What are clear aligners or what is Invisalign ? Clear Aligners, virtually invisible and comfortable alternatives to traditional braces, have been growing in popularity among those seeking a straighter smile. Some popular brands of clear aligners include Sure Smile, Invisalign and SureSmile. If you’re considering Invisalign, it’s important to understand the treatment timeline, aligner maintenance,

Are you considering teeth whitening but overwhelmed by the numerous questions and uncertainties surrounding the process? From safety concerns during pregnancy to selecting the ideal whitening gel, there are many factors to consider. This comprehensive guide is here to answer all of your burning questions and help you make an informed decision. Get ready to

Brisbane Dental Whitening Tooth or teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that aims to refresh the natural white colour of teeth. A brighter, more radiant smile can boost one’s confidence and make a significant improvement to overall appearance. It’s not uncommon, however,  for tooth colour to regress back to yellow following teeth whitening. Teeth Whitening

Sleeping Dentistry: How to Experience Pain-Free Dental Procedures  Dental procedures can be stressful for many people. The sound of the drill, the smell of the practice, and the fear of pain can cause anxiety for patients. But what if there was a way to stay comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedures? This is where

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care: Guidelines from Brisbane Dental Experts - Grange Family Dental

Emergency Dentists Brisbane Emergency dental refers to dental treatment that is needed immediately to alleviate severe pain or to address a serious problem that cannot wait for a regular appointment. Examples of emergency dental issues include severe toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, and infections.  The goal of emergency dental care is to alleviate pain and

Tooth decay and dental issues are becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for children in Australia. It is important for your children to practice good oral hygiene habits from the moment they start teething, and that they continue these practices well into adulthood. Teaching kids about oral hygiene and how to keep their teeth and gums

You can be very uncomfortable when you have ulcers month.

It can be very uncomfortable when you have ulcers month. What Are Mouth Ulcers? If you have ever developed a painful round sore on the inside of your mouth then you are likely one of the many people who have experienced a mouth ulcer. Though mouth ulcers are usually harmless and clear up on their

Does Mouthwash Work?

Does mouthwash work? We’ve all used mouthwash before—that minty liquid we absent-mindedly swish around in our mouth and spit out before smiling at ourselves in the mirror. But have you ever wondered if this liquid is good for you? We explore the pros and cons of mouthwash and discuss whether it “works” or is just

You asked and we answered! Below are some questions we commonly get about flossing your teeth. How to floss effectively? Grab 15 inches of floss and twirl the ends around each index finger. Gently slide the floss in between your teeth and pull to one side to wrap it around each tooth in a “C-shape.”