Pearly whites don’t get their name for any old reason! However, keeping them white is the tough part. Once the damage is done, is there still a way to light up the room with your smile? The answer is yes- with cosmetic teeth whitening! It’s the confidence booster that’ll take your teeth to a whole

Overcoming Tooth Sensitivity: A Return to Pleasure Tooth sensitivity is sheer torture! Have you ever felt that sudden, intense pain? It might strike while you’re enjoying your morning coffee. Or perhaps when you’re biting into a creamy ice cream. Even a simple act like sipping ice-cold water can trigger it. Whether it’s hot, cold, sweet,

If it’s time to wave goodbye to your wisdom teeth, don’t panic at the thought of surgery! With the right attitude towards self-aftercare, you can reduce pain, and power through the recovery process as quickly as possible! Follow our wisdom teeth removal recovery tips for smooth sailing all the way from extraction to the time

Food choices can affect your dental health As emergency dentists, we often see cases that result from  unhealthy eating patterns. According to research compiled by the World Health Organisation, the overwhelming majority of studies into dental health have found a positive correlation between tooth decay and sugar intake across all age groups. So if you

How to Brush With Braces

Ensuring Healthy Teeth and Gums with Braces People often visit us for cosmetic dentistry, like braces. Consequently, they regularly inquire about maintaining oral health during treatment. Importantly, asking these questions is wise. Braces have brackets and wires. Consequently, these structures trap food and plaque. However, there’s no need to worry. With diligent care and our

The first question we get asked whenever we diagnose a dental decay in someone is “Am I not cleaning my teeth properly?” or “what is the proper way to brush teeth?” Occasionally, we even get asked if there is any “magic bullet” solution to dental decay. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic bullet, but keeping your

In light of the recent infection control breaches by the Sydney dentist groups “The Gentle Dentist”, all the staffs at Grange Family Dental wants to reassure all our patients that we follow strict ADA Guidelines for Infection Control. As a member of the Australian Dental association for the last 13 years, we are not only

Building Trust: Expert Techniques for Your Child’s First Dental Visit In part 1 and 2 of our series on your child’s first dental visit, we talked about the right time to take your child to the dentist for the first time and how to best prepare your child for this. Today we discuss techniques dentists

Top Tips for Your Child’s Successful First Dental Visit In our first post about your child’s first dental visit, we talked about the right time to take your little one to the dentist for the first time. Today, we give our top tips to prepare this first visit at home and make sure it’s a