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We offer a minimum of 12 months warranty on all general dental work and 5 years on all major dental work when the work is recommended by one of our dentists*

About Us

Grange Family Dental has been serving the community in the same location since 1994. Established by the trusted Dr Robyn Clark, our practice was passed on to Dr Jeremy Lam in 2011. Moving across from the highly renowned Medland Dental Centre, Dr Lam became the Principal Dentist at Grange Family Dental and has enjoyed providing world-class dentistry to the Grange, and North Brisbane community ever since.

Dr Lam’s mantra is "look after the patients and the practice will look after itself", and his dental philosophy, shared by each of our Dental Practitioners, is that mutual trust, communication, and understanding are the cornerstones of a great dental experience.

Each of our practitioners have undertaken rigorous training at Australia’s most prestigious University Dental Schools, and continue to up-skill by attending postgraduate dental courses and conferences. We each have a genuine passion for our profession, as well as areas of special interest within dentistry we’ve focused our post-graduate training and learning around.

At Grange Family Dental we believe in a team approach to Dentistry, so you will benefit from our team’s combined knowledge and skill.

Our Family Dentists

Dr Jeremy Lam

Pricipal Dentist

Dr Alice Huang

Senior Associate Dentist

Dr Denise Lim

Senior Associate Dentist

Dr Sigid Fu

Senior Dentist

Dr Jun Wei Loh

Associate Dentist

Dr Albert Lin

Associate Dentist

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