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Community Engagement

We believe in giving something back to the community.

Oral Health for Local Pre-Schools

Each year Grange Family Dental tries to get out into our community and educate people on the importance of good oral health. This year we decided to target preschools, as tooth decay is still unfortunately the most common childhood illness for ages 3-6.

During the months of September and October (we were interrupted by Covid 19 but got to see as many preschools as we could) our Oral Health Therapist Anna Willis, and some of our Dentists visited neighbouring pre-schools to discuss the importance of oral health.

We understand how important it is to instil the right oral health habits from a very young age and how these habits will lead to strong adult teeth.

Anna and her trusty tooth side-kick educated the kids on:

The importance of brushing and flossing your teeth

How a healthy diet helps prevent cavities

How a bi-annual visit to the dentist once you have your first tooth is a must!

If you would like one of our team to attend your school, please reach out to us!

Why do we have teeth?

World Vision Sponsorship

Since 2008, Dr Lam has personally supported the charitable work of World Vision by sponsoring 5 disadvantaged children from around the world. He has seen many children graduate from the world vision program in that time and looks forward to continuing this relationship into the future.

Oral Health for Vulnerable Communities

More recently, Dr Lam has joined many local graduates in providing free dental care to those who are less fortunate via the charity organisation TIMA. TIMA specialises in providing for the homeless and refugees who cannot afford proper dental care.

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