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Why do I need to get my teeth fixed? A smile is generally the first thing you notice about someone, so why not make it your best asset.

Cosmetic Dentist  Brisbane

At Grange Family Dental, we offer premium quality cosmetic dentistry, to give you a smile that you can be proud of. As a trusted family dentist in Brisbane, you’ll absolutely love our incredible staff. Our caring cosmetic dentists are with you every step of the way, from your first assessment to the final result.

Grange Family Dental has over 20 years of experience offering cosmetic dentistry services of the highest calibre at prices you can afford. We have custom designed our own in-house lab, so we can have complete design and quality control of the entire process from check up to insert, and review the performance of our work for many years to come. 

We’re so confident in our work that we include in-house guarantees on all procedures, from 6 months to 10 years, depending on your course of treatment.

Tooth Replacement Brisbane

Cosmetic dentistry is the range of dental treatments aimed specifically at enhancing the aesthetics, colour, and shape of your teeth. 

While many general practitioners today perform fillings, caps and crowns, Dr Jeremy and his team at Grange Family Dental pride themselves on their prowess at cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic procedures use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to treat several common aesthetic dental issues including tooth wear, tooth erosion, crooked, cracked, discoloured, stained, chipped, missing, worn, and overlapping teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Brisbane

At Grange Family Dental we offer a take-home teeth whitening kit. At your first appointment, our qualified dentist or hygienist will take impressions of your teeth that are used to make your custom mouth trays. The special whitening gel is inserted in the trays and is worn for 60-90mins per day, for 7-10days.

We recommend that you have your teeth checked and cleaned prior to starting your teeth whitening treatment to ensure there are no cavities or gum disease present for best results. Great results occur for most patients, but it is important to consider any existing dental work you currently have, as fillings and crowns will not change colour.

What are Porcelain Crowns and Veneers?
Porcelain crowns and veneers in dentistry refer to “shells or sheets” of porcelain which are created to replace lost tooth structure. They are usually around 0.5-1.5mm thick and are very strong to withstand bite forces in patient’s mouth.

Veneers on the 2 front teeth

Porcelain crown and bridging treatment on upper teeth, and direct restoration of lower teeth using composite “white fillings”

What is involved in doing crowns/veneers?
In order to have sufficient strength to last many years, crowns/veneers require a minimum thickness of usually 0.5mm or more. This means on teeth where there isn’t enough room to fit the crown, a small amount of tooth structure needs to be milled down to allow room for the crown to fit. However, in many cases where crowns are needed, there is often already significant amounts of tooth structure missing so reduction is usually minimal.

Once the tooth is milled down to the ideal shape, a mould is taken and sent to the laboratory to fabricate the crowns. During this period of time, we will make a set of “temporary crowns or veneers” to ensure you are never without teeth.

Once the crowns/veneers arrive back from the laboratory, they are then “bonded” on to the teeth using a dental adhesive. A well made crown/veneer supported by a sufficient amount of tooth structure can usually expect to last up to 10-12 years although this can vary dramatically between people pending their bite strength and oral hygiene. At Grange Family Dental, we guarantee all crowns and veneers for the first 5 years so you can be sure you are always going to get good quality from us.

What are the benefits and limitations of crowns and veneers?
Porcelain crowns/veneers are extremely durable and when used properly in the right situation, should withstand the test of time. They can be used to completely change the colour and shape of your natural teeth and even strengthen or replace missing tooth structure in most circumstances.

However, crowns and veneers are only as strong as the amount of support provided by the underlying teeth, essentially “amplifying” the strength of existing tooth structure. Therefore in cases where there just isn’t enough tooth structure left, the longevity of crowns will be compromised as well.

An additional limitation of crowns/veneers is that they cannot change the position of your teeth. For a person with severely crowded or tilted teeth, crowns and veneers can only correct the colour and shape of the teeth but have a minimal impact on the alignment of the teeth. In these cases we often recommend you consider orthodontics in conjunction with cosmetic procedures to achieve your dream smile.

What are Dental Implants?
Most dental implants are made from various grades of titanium alloys and are shaped like a “hollow bolt”. Titanium and its alloys are biocompatible metals which fuse to the bone when allowed to heal without disturbance. The amount of time can vary from 10 to 12 weeks and at the end of the “healing period”, a porcelain crown can be fitted into the middle of the implant to replace any missing teeth.

How are implants put in?
Teeth implants are usually secured into the bone via minor surgery where the implant body is either “screwed in or tapped in”. After the healing period, the implant becomes completely fused to the bone and the “hollow” in the centre of the implant becomes housing for an abutment (connector). A crown is subsequently placed over the abutment to look and feel like a natural tooth. Sometimes where there isn’t enough bone, we can perform a “bone graft” to grow more bone into the desired area in order to hold the implant once placed. A bone graft can vary from using bone from other parts of the body to foreign or synthetic “bone chips” to encourage bone to grow into the desired area.

What are the Pros and Cons of implant dentistry?
Dental implants have long been considered the “gold standard” when it comes to replacing single missing teeth. Its strength and longevity make it the closest replacement to a lost natural tooth. When a good level of oral hygiene is maintained, dental implants have been seen to last more than 20 years and at Grange Family Dental, we guarantee all implants placed in house for the first 10 years*.

However, dental implants are not suitable for everyone, and must be considered on a case-by-case basis. As dental implants are held in by bone, in areas where there is insufficient bone, a dental implant may not be possible immediately until a bone graft is performed. Furthermore, if an implant is exposed to too much bacteria (plaque or tartar), it can become infected just like a natural tooth and possibly even drop out. Finally, certain medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis or environmental factors such as smoking can also affect the success rate and lifespan of an implant. An experienced dentist should be able to advise you on the relative risks of all these factors.

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How is a bridge made?

A bridge is made by changing the shape of the 2 adjacent teeth to the gap. This allows us to fit a crown to each of these 2 missing teeth, and at the same time suspend a 3rd artificial tooth (or “pontic” tooth) onto these 2 teeth for support. A bridge is permanently fixed inside the jaw and does not move or come out and on average should last around 10 years or more when made well. It is possible to only use 1 adjacent tooth to create a bridge and such a design is known as a cantilever bridge and may be the preferred option in some situations. Bridges can also be fitted on dental implants as well in the same way its fitted on natural teeth.

What are the pros and cons of dental bridges?

In general, a dental bridge has a very high success rate and can be completed within 1-2 weeks in most cases. The result is immediate and compared to implants, there is no surgery and no healing period. The lifespan of a bridge is similar to that of a dental implant, and is certainly the preferred choice for patients for whom surgery is contraindicated (e.g. implants have lower success rates in smokers, or patients with uncontrolled diabetes).

Because bridges use 2 natural teeth to bear the load of 3 teeth, they may be contraindicated when the 2 adjacent teeth are already too damaged and weak and not appropriate for load bearing.

Equally, when the adjacent teeth are very healthy, a bridge may be contraindicated as cutting them down to place a bridge would unnecessarily weaken otherwise healthy teeth.

What is an Implant Supported Denture?

All forms of dentures have traditionally derived their support from either the remaining teeth or the gum. As we lose more teeth, this support dwindles and the denture becomes looser. Introducing implants under the denture to anchor the denture down can greatly increase the retention and stability hence the ability to chew with them.

How do implants improve the stability of the denture?
Often dentures sitting on nothing but gum will float around with little resistance resulting in difficulty in chewing/biting. When an implant is introduced underneath the denture, it can be joined to the denture via a “ball and socket” joint (or other designs) which allows the denture to grip onto the implant. As the implant is fixed to the jaw, the denture will no longer be able to move around when it’s tied down to the implant. Whilst multiple designs are available, just about all the designs will need the “connectors” to be replaced after a period of usage to maintain maximum tightness.

All On Fours Design

A common design for implant supported dentures is known as “all on four” and describes a design where a denture is fixed on 4 implants. In this design the denture is permanently fixed to the 4 implants and can only be removed by a general dentist with the right tools for regular maintenance. Please contact Grange Family Dental for more details of this procedure.

What are the pros and cons of implant retained dentures?
Implant retained dentures have revolutionised the use of dentures and given patients long troubled by poor fitting full dentures a much improved option. It dramatically improves the fit of the denture thus the quality of life of the patient. However, before an implant retained denture can be made, one must go through the implant surgery first and a 3 month healing period is usually required. Another limiting factor, is the availability of bone required to fit the implants may be reduced in patients who have been missing their teeth for a prolonged period of time.

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İsmail Yaşık
İsmail Yaşık
03:46 19 Nov 22
Grange Family Dental has the best dentists and the team!I have been visiting and getting various treatments ( including tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, root canal treatment , crown etc.) about three years. I contacted other dentists before, and they weren’t transparent with the procedures, timeline, and additional costs, however, Grange Family receptionists and dentists were very informative, clear and responsive with our questions. Their experience removed my dental operation concerns and worries!Also, the office is always clean & hygienic and has up to date equipment with the recent technology.Dr. Jeremy Lam is always cheerful, calming and has a great knowledge of dental health and techniques! I’d strongly recommend Grange Family dentists for anyone who needs a regular dentist spot and a treatment plan!read more
Lisa Nicholls
Lisa Nicholls
08:57 28 Oct 22
We have all been going here since we moved to Brisbane 8 years ago. They are absolutely fantastic with kids and have looked after my son from when he was a toddler until present day. It doesn’t matter which dentist we’ve seen. They have all been brilliant. The girls behind the desk are always amazing and help with any health fund issues etc…On Monday I had to get a root canal, which I’ve been putting off for years due to how awful my experience had been at a specialist dentist in the city many years ago. Dr Jeremy put me at ease with his wonderful sense of humour and calm nature and before I knew it, it was over! NO pain, quick procedure and within a day or two I couldn’t even tell I’d had anything done. Absolutely first class. Cannot recommended this practice highly enough.read more
betty zhu
betty zhu
06:37 27 Aug 22
I have been looking for a good dentist for a long time. As recommended by friends, I finally got Dr Alice Huang to look after our family. She is very nice and always attends to the details. She has very good communication skills. You will forget about your nervous and just feel very relaxing during consultation. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends.read more
Gemma Heidemann
Gemma Heidemann
10:20 22 Jun 22
Love Jeremy and all his staff at Grange Family Dental. I have been going there for over 10 years and have found they are always welcoming, accommodating and willing to help. They make every visit good, even when you are dreading going and they are never judgmental. Highly recommend this wonderful business!read more
Daniela Mantilla
Daniela Mantilla
02:47 25 Mar 22
Had my sons first dental appointment here and Dr Perline Li was exceptional. She made him feel comfortable and gave a little take away pack with a mirror. My son just keeps looking at his teeth now. Thank you!read more
Benjamin Sung
Benjamin Sung
01:26 04 Mar 22
I visited Dr Albert Lin for a checkup and clean. Dr Lin was very elaborate in explaining some of the issues with my teeth. He was also very meticulous when performing the cleaning - no pain at all! Would recommend Dr Lin to my friends and family!read more
11:14 24 Feb 22
I’ve been going to Grange Family Dental for the past 3 years and it’s always a great experience. I went in for my a 6-monthly clean and check this week. Jeremy is a fantastic dentist and always a pleasure to see. He is transparent, explains things clearly and has a great sense of humour! The team members are all lovely and I really appreciate the reminders and ease of booking an appointment. Thanks to Shontelle and Lauren this week.read more
Dave Smith
Dave Smith
08:20 14 Feb 22
Highly recommend Jeremy and the team at this dentist surgery. Had my first wisdom tooth removed today and despite being a bit nervous, I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Thanks again and I’ll be back to get the next one out soon!read more
Lorna-Li Yao
Lorna-Li Yao
07:02 05 Jan 22
I was referred to a specialist for a root canal retreatment. I had to wait for 4 months for an appointment. My friend recommended me Dr Lam and I got an appointment to see him in a month. I am so impressed with his expertise, patience, and the way he makes patients at ease. I highly recommend him but at the same time, I don't want him to be booked out😁.read more
Ginny Liu
Ginny Liu
09:49 04 Dec 21
Thanks to Dr. Perline and Dr. Albert! They explain things well and help me manage my oral health. The best dental I have ever been to.Highly recommended!read more
Jacky Chan
Jacky Chan
08:27 04 Dec 21
Dr. Albert is super friendly and caring. He did a thorough check of my teeth and completely fixed my teeth issue. Also, the price is very resonable.Highly recommended!!!!!read more
Kayla Davidson
Kayla Davidson
23:08 14 Nov 21
I have a great experience every time I see Dr Perline which is not what you often hear people say after visiting the dentist! Her attention to detail and thorough work are unmatched. She, as well as the other staff have an inviting energy that would make anyone happy to be there, highly recommend!read more
09:31 10 Nov 21
Took my 5yo daughter here having a check month ago. With friendly and experienced dentist Dr. Albert, she was totally not afraid to open mouth and be checked. So as when he cured her decayed tooth on the second time we visit. Definitely recommend for kids who need dental care.read more
Kaya Huang
Kaya Huang
07:41 09 Nov 21
I really did enjoy my dental experience in here.The stuff who always greet you with a smile especially Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Albert they're the best!!Could not recommend Grange Family Dental highly enough.read more
De Jabeca
De Jabeca
09:32 21 Oct 21
I left my last dentist 3 years ago, and have become a patient of Dr Jeremy Lam at Grange Family Dental. What a difference. I have not seen a medical practise that is so friendly & professional - from the reception staff, the hygienist, nurses & of course the dentists. They obviously have long ongoing relationships with their client base, and they know how to achieve this. Jeremy has given me excellent care, & I have been able to have all my extensive dental work performed in their one stop shop. This includes my crowns, and dental implants which have been problem free. He has a plan that he discusses in detail with you, so you can be confident in both the costs, care, and outcome. This is easily the best dental practise around, & I am thrilled with their service. Recommended to everyone I know, who will soon become patients as wellread more
Daniel Tani
Daniel Tani
02:30 18 Sep 21
Went to Albert at Grange Family Dental and had an excellent experience. Haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade. Albert took the time to go over X-rays and photos of my teeth and proceeded to give a thorough clean even though I knew this appointment would have taken much longer than expected. Inspires confidence and calm. Will certainly be back.read more

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