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At Grange Family Dental we offer a range of Orthodontic services in-house, so you can keep all your family’s appointments at one easy to access location.

This helps with continuity of care, as we can ensure any orthodontics are carried out as part of an overall plan for a lifetime of good dental health.

Modern Orthodontics have come a long way with the use of 3D scanning and digital dentistry. We can now plan your orthodontic movements precisely and work to predictable timeframes, giving you certainty around costs and results.
There are more options for moving teeth than ever before, so we offer free initial orthodontic consultations to go over your needs and suitability for treatment.


Modern metal braces are more comfortable to wear and less visible in the mouth than those of previous generations. They are the strongest and most durable Orthodontic option available, and often the most cost-effective. In cases where more advanced movements are required, or for more severe cases they are often the only option available.

Metal braces are brackets fitted to the teeth and secured with wires and bands. These brackets apply a small amount of force that gradually straightens and moves teeth into their desired positions.
Modern metal braces are more efficient, more compact, and less intrusive than those of previous generations, as well as being more comfortable to wear. We recommend metal braces to treat many types of orthodontic problems, from crooked and protruding teeth to bite and alignment issues. They may also be used in combination with other treatments.

Metal braces are the strongest and most supportive braces available. They are more resistant to stains than other types of braces and are less likely to be damaged in accidents and during sports.

They are fixed to the teeth, so often a good option for pre-teens and teens who may be likely to lose removable appliances, which can be very costly to replace. This also aids in compliance, as any orthodontic appliance must be worn almost 24/7 to move the teeth efficiently and predictably.

In many cases parents prefer metal braces for their affordability and resilience.


What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that achieves similar results as braces while being virtually invisible. Clear aligners have been used in Orthodontics for some time now and have become a very reliable way for teenagers or adults to move teeth, due to their aesthetic advantages over traditional braces. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a straight smile without other people knowing you are having any treatment at all. Instead of metal wires and brackets, the teeth are moved by wearing a sequence of custom made computer designed clear plates (like very thin, small mouthguards). These plates are almost impossible to see at a casual glance, allowing you to continue smiling with confidence every day.

Easily removed whenever you need
One of the obvious benefits of Invisalign is that the trays are easily removed for cleaning, eating, and special social engagements. Because you can remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth without obstruction, Invisalign makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid any surprise dental procedures.
Although you will have to wear your aligners almost 24/7 to achieve the desired result in an acceptable time frame, this does offer some flexibility for people concerned about fixed brackets

No brackets or archwires, no breakages – Avoid time off school or work for emergency appointments.

Custom-made to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear.

Removable – That all-important home care is made so much easier. Brush and floss your teeth as you would normally, without extra time or accessories.

Safe and TGA approved - Made from virtually invisible, medical-grade plastic – no one will be able to tell you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Don’t change your diet  – Because you can remove Invisalign aligners you’re not as restricted with your diet as you are when wearing traditional metal braces.

Fewer appointments – Most Invisalign patients require fewer orthodontic appointments than patients wearing traditional metal braces.

Orthodontic Appliances

Our team of Dentists and Oral Health Therapists check your child’s facial growth and development from a young age, preferably starting their first visit soon after teeth appear.

Because of this we often pick up potential future problems very early, when we have many treatment options available to us.

Early orthodontic treatment can be carried out if we identify issues such as:
Early, late or irregular loss of baby teeth
Difficulty in chewing or biting
Mouth Breathing
Protruding teeth
Thumb sucking beyond age 5
Underbite or overbite
Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth
Jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face

What are the aims of Early Orthodontic treatment?
Early orthodontic treatment begins when your child’s jaw bones are still soft and developing. They do not harden until children reach their late teens. As the bones are still pliable, corrective procedures work faster and more effectively than they do for teens and adults.
Appropriate early treatment is an effective interceptive measure that lays the foundation for a healthy and well-functioning mouth in adulthood.

Appliances could include plates, twin block appliances, expanders to avoid later extractions, space maintainers or custom-made appliances, such as braces brackets on a small number of teeth which need moving.

Early intervention usually means that later orthodontic treatment will be more straightforward and completed in a shorter amount of time which can also be financially beneficial in the long run.

At Grange Family Dental we screen all our young patients for any issues that could be addressed by early orthodontic treatment, so you have plenty of time to understand and assess your options.

Your child will be assessed at every check-up as to their facial growth and development, so we will let you know of any concerns as they occur, but please feel free to book an Orthodontic Consultation if you have specific concerns or queries.

See what our clients have to say.

İsmail Yaşık
İsmail Yaşık
03:46 19 Nov 22
Grange Family Dental has the best dentists and the team!I have been visiting and getting various treatments ( including tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, root canal treatment , crown etc.) about three years. I contacted other dentists before, and they weren’t transparent with the procedures, timeline, and additional costs, however, Grange Family receptionists and dentists were very informative, clear and responsive with our questions. Their experience removed my dental operation concerns and worries!Also, the office is always clean & hygienic and has up to date equipment with the recent technology.Dr. Jeremy Lam is always cheerful, calming and has a great knowledge of dental health and techniques! I’d strongly recommend Grange Family dentists for anyone who needs a regular dentist spot and a treatment plan!read more
Lisa Nicholls
Lisa Nicholls
08:57 28 Oct 22
We have all been going here since we moved to Brisbane 8 years ago. They are absolutely fantastic with kids and have looked after my son from when he was a toddler until present day. It doesn’t matter which dentist we’ve seen. They have all been brilliant. The girls behind the desk are always amazing and help with any health fund issues etc…On Monday I had to get a root canal, which I’ve been putting off for years due to how awful my experience had been at a specialist dentist in the city many years ago. Dr Jeremy put me at ease with his wonderful sense of humour and calm nature and before I knew it, it was over! NO pain, quick procedure and within a day or two I couldn’t even tell I’d had anything done. Absolutely first class. Cannot recommended this practice highly enough.read more
betty zhu
betty zhu
06:37 27 Aug 22
I have been looking for a good dentist for a long time. As recommended by friends, I finally got Dr Alice Huang to look after our family. She is very nice and always attends to the details. She has very good communication skills. You will forget about your nervous and just feel very relaxing during consultation. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends.read more
Gemma Heidemann
Gemma Heidemann
10:20 22 Jun 22
Love Jeremy and all his staff at Grange Family Dental. I have been going there for over 10 years and have found they are always welcoming, accommodating and willing to help. They make every visit good, even when you are dreading going and they are never judgmental. Highly recommend this wonderful business!read more
Daniela Mantilla
Daniela Mantilla
02:47 25 Mar 22
Had my sons first dental appointment here and Dr Perline Li was exceptional. She made him feel comfortable and gave a little take away pack with a mirror. My son just keeps looking at his teeth now. Thank you!read more
Benjamin Sung
Benjamin Sung
01:26 04 Mar 22
I visited Dr Albert Lin for a checkup and clean. Dr Lin was very elaborate in explaining some of the issues with my teeth. He was also very meticulous when performing the cleaning - no pain at all! Would recommend Dr Lin to my friends and family!read more
11:14 24 Feb 22
I’ve been going to Grange Family Dental for the past 3 years and it’s always a great experience. I went in for my a 6-monthly clean and check this week. Jeremy is a fantastic dentist and always a pleasure to see. He is transparent, explains things clearly and has a great sense of humour! The team members are all lovely and I really appreciate the reminders and ease of booking an appointment. Thanks to Shontelle and Lauren this week.read more
Dave Smith
Dave Smith
08:20 14 Feb 22
Highly recommend Jeremy and the team at this dentist surgery. Had my first wisdom tooth removed today and despite being a bit nervous, I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Thanks again and I’ll be back to get the next one out soon!read more
Lorna-Li Yao
Lorna-Li Yao
07:02 05 Jan 22
I was referred to a specialist for a root canal retreatment. I had to wait for 4 months for an appointment. My friend recommended me Dr Lam and I got an appointment to see him in a month. I am so impressed with his expertise, patience, and the way he makes patients at ease. I highly recommend him but at the same time, I don't want him to be booked out😁.read more
Ginny Liu
Ginny Liu
09:49 04 Dec 21
Thanks to Dr. Perline and Dr. Albert! They explain things well and help me manage my oral health. The best dental I have ever been to.Highly recommended!read more
Jacky Chan
Jacky Chan
08:27 04 Dec 21
Dr. Albert is super friendly and caring. He did a thorough check of my teeth and completely fixed my teeth issue. Also, the price is very resonable.Highly recommended!!!!!read more
Kayla Davidson
Kayla Davidson
23:08 14 Nov 21
I have a great experience every time I see Dr Perline which is not what you often hear people say after visiting the dentist! Her attention to detail and thorough work are unmatched. She, as well as the other staff have an inviting energy that would make anyone happy to be there, highly recommend!read more
09:31 10 Nov 21
Took my 5yo daughter here having a check month ago. With friendly and experienced dentist Dr. Albert, she was totally not afraid to open mouth and be checked. So as when he cured her decayed tooth on the second time we visit. Definitely recommend for kids who need dental care.read more
Kaya Huang
Kaya Huang
07:41 09 Nov 21
I really did enjoy my dental experience in here.The stuff who always greet you with a smile especially Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Albert they're the best!!Could not recommend Grange Family Dental highly enough.read more
De Jabeca
De Jabeca
09:32 21 Oct 21
I left my last dentist 3 years ago, and have become a patient of Dr Jeremy Lam at Grange Family Dental. What a difference. I have not seen a medical practise that is so friendly & professional - from the reception staff, the hygienist, nurses & of course the dentists. They obviously have long ongoing relationships with their client base, and they know how to achieve this. Jeremy has given me excellent care, & I have been able to have all my extensive dental work performed in their one stop shop. This includes my crowns, and dental implants which have been problem free. He has a plan that he discusses in detail with you, so you can be confident in both the costs, care, and outcome. This is easily the best dental practise around, & I am thrilled with their service. Recommended to everyone I know, who will soon become patients as wellread more
Daniel Tani
Daniel Tani
02:30 18 Sep 21
Went to Albert at Grange Family Dental and had an excellent experience. Haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade. Albert took the time to go over X-rays and photos of my teeth and proceeded to give a thorough clean even though I knew this appointment would have taken much longer than expected. Inspires confidence and calm. Will certainly be back.read more

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