Tooth decay and dental issues are becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for children in Australia. It is important for your children to practice good oral hygiene habits from the moment they start teething, and that they continue these practices well into adulthood. Teaching kids about oral hygiene and how to keep their teeth and gums

What Are Mouth Ulcers? If you have ever developed a painful round sore on the inside of your mouth then you are likely one of the many people who have experienced a mouth ulcer. Though mouth ulcers are usually harmless and clear up on their own, we understand that they can be the cause of

Does Mouthwash Work?

Does mouthwash work? We’ve all used mouthwash before—that minty liquid we absent-mindedly swish around in our mouth and spit out before smiling at ourselves in the mirror. But have you ever wondered if this liquid is good for you? We explore the pros and cons of mouthwash and discuss whether it “works” or is just

You asked and we answered! Below are some questions we commonly get about flossing your teeth. How to floss effectively? Grab 15 inches of floss and twirl the ends around each index finger. Gently slide the floss in between your teeth and pull to one side to wrap it around each tooth in a “C-shape.”

We have all had the importance of proper oral hygiene drummed into us from years of dental visits. But sometimes, we let our oral hygiene habits slip. It could be because of travel, a change to our lifestyle or new living conditions. Without keeping a consistent schedule for your oral hygiene, you can expect some

Choosing a toothbrush is an important decision. After all, brushing your teeth is crucial to maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. While a healthy mouth can help keep away cavities, tooth decay and gum disease, an unhealthy mouth can put you at risk of stroke and even heart attacks. For this reason, choosing a toothbrush

If you have ever experienced a fear of the dentist you know that dental anxiety can be a powerful, all-consuming feeling. Dental anxiety can affect your body and your mind. Your breathing can become difficult, you may experience a panic attack, nausea or be unable to control your tears. Dental anxiety does not discriminate, it

The average person should use around 110 metres of dental floss in their lifetime, but sales figures indicate that not only are we falling well short of that figure, we’re paying for our floss-avoidance with our health. In fact, the National Oral Health Plan estimates that a whopping 63,000 Australians are hospitalised each year for

Pearly whites don’t get their name for any old reason! However, keeping them white is the tough part. Once the damage is done, is there still a way to light up the room with your smile? The answer is yes- with cosmetic teeth whitening! It’s the confidence booster that’ll take your teeth to a whole

  There’s no denying tooth sensitivity is torturous! Have you fallen victim to the sudden, crippling pain that can arise when enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures? Perhaps you were sipping your morning coffee, biting into an ice cream or even quenching your thirst with some ice-cold water. Whether it’s hot, cold, sweet or acidic,