Managing Dental Trauma in Kids

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Kids’ Dental Trauma During Playtime

All kids are full of energy and love having fun, like sliding down slides or playing peek-a-boo at home. In the blink of an eye… oops! A minor misstep, a tumble, and suddenly your little explorer has a bleeding lip, bruising, swelling or even worse a chipped or broken tooth! Therefore, In this article, we’ll provide essential tips for handling dental emergencies with kids, so you’ll know exactly what to do if an accident occurs.

Tips for Parents: Calmly Managing Your Child’s Dental Accident

If your child experiences a dental accident, they’ll likely be in pain and scared, and as a parent, you might feel frightened too, especially if it’s your first time handling such a situation. The key is to stay calm. Take a deep breath, and try to recall what you’ve learned from this article to assist your child. We’re going to walk through different situations and offer tips that hopefully will help you in the future, although we hope you’ll never have to use them.

Bleeding Gums and Milk Teeth Injuries

If your child bumps their gums or baby teeth, first, gently press a cool, damp gauze on the area to stop the bleeding. For older kids, let them bite on the gauze. Next, to reduce swelling, hold an ice pack wrapped in a cloth against their cheek. If they’re feeling uncomfortable, consider giving them child-friendly pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Remember, always call your dentist right away. Keep an eye out for signs like red gums, constant pain, fever, or a tooth changing color. Lastly, if the bleeding is around the tooth, it might be from a broken tooth. Stay calm and follow these steps, you’re doing great!

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Review ” When kids play, chipped teeth can happen, like from a tumble in the park or a slip in the bathtub. Some of these chips are just tiny nicks, but it also can be deep, showing the inner part of the tooth. No matter which situation, you should always check with a children dentist as soon as you can because sometimes the real issue isn’t immediately clear. Especially, the deep cut that reveals the nerve could lead to an abscess or infection later on. Remember, if your child shows any signs of fever or swelling near their neck or face, linked to a tooth problem, heading to the ER or your dentist quickly is key.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Baby Tooth

If a baby tooth is knocked out by an accident, it’s best not to reinsert it. Instead, save the tooth and bring it to your child’s dentist for a thorough examination. Your dentist will assess the situation and provide guidance on the next steps.

Adult Tooth

If an adult tooth gets knocked out, act fast. Rinse it with saline water if you can and gently put it back in place. Then, contact your dentist or local paediatrics hospital right away. If you’re unsure if it’s a baby or adult tooth, give us a call! We might be able to provide guidance over the phone with photos or a video chat.

Kids Dentist in Brisbane

At Grange Family Dental, we always strive to foster positive relationships with our young patients. This extends beyond general dental check-ups and cleanings to more urgent situations like Dental Trauma. When children develop a trusting, long-term bond with their dentist, their anxiety diminishes even in traumatic situations. A familiar face can make all the difference during stressful visits. Remember, in any dental mishap, quick action combined with the right information is key. Always keep your trusted dentist’s contact close by and seek expert guidance when in doubt.

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