When Should Start Kids Dental Visits?

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When’s the right time for kids’ dental visits – to hop into the dentist’s chair for some toothy fun?

They’re only baby teeth right? Pondering over when to take your little one for their inaugural visit to the dentist? You’re certainly not the only one – it’s a common question asked by many new Aussie parents!

The ideal time to introduce your bub to a kid dentist is as soon as that first tiny tooth appears. Dental health starts as soon as the first tooth arrives, and picking up developmental issues early gives you a great head start to avoid costly and distressing treatment. A happy fun early check in where your child can befriend your friendly local dentist can make their early dental experiences a breeze!

Introducing your child to the dentist in a calm and familiar manner can set them up for a lifetime of confidence at the dentist. You might consider bringing your child along to your own dental appointments. This allows them to observe the process and gradually grow comfortable with the surroundings. You can have them sit on your lap or nearby, letting them witness your interactions with the dentist. This strategy often helps to build a foundation of trust and reduces potential anxiety regarding dental visits as they grow older.

Smile Bright from the Start: Dentist at First Tooth!

In the lead up to their third birthday their baby teeth will have emerged in full, so it’s time to venture into a more detailed kids dental care routine.  And here’s why delaying this milestone isn’t a good idea:

A staggering study from the QLD school dental service here in Australia paints a grim picture – a significant 50% of kiddos between the ages of 6 and 10 are already battling with some form of tooth decay. This isn’t just a matter of cavities; dental issues can potentially meddle with their speech development, hamper their nutrient absorption, and even interfere with their learning and attention span at school, a hard web to unravel later on.

As parents, the last thing we want is for our children to grapple with avoidable dental woes. So, let’s collaborate to nip these issues in the bud! Early and regular visits to a dentist for kids can be a potent step in protecting your child from dental troubles, ensuring a future filled with beaming smiles and hearty laughter for many years to come!

Grange Family Dental : Building Child Trust for Lifelong Dental Health

The difference between seeing a general dentist and seeing someone with a genuine interest in this important aspect of dental care can be huge.

Our practitioners will run your child’s appointment in a way that gives them time and space to learn about this new environment, with Mum and Dad as safety supporters right by their side. We use techniques to gain your child’s confidence and trust long before we start looking in their mouth, and teach them exactly what to expect before each new piece of equipment or sensation is introduced. 

A few extra moments of care and communication early can mean much better outcomes for a child’s long term health. We aim to have a confident healthy child who’s a dental pro over the course of years, not just to tick a box and complete the tasks for that one appointment. For this reason we have capped prices or minimum out of pocket costs for kids, so they can take as long as they need to trust us and grow into confident patients. 

We also ensure children aren’t pushed beyond their age-appropriate or personal attention span, or emotional spans in any one appointment. Long-term dental health happens over years, not in one appointment after all. 

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